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AJ CUSTOMS was founded in 2016 with the simple idea of personalizing the look of motorcycles in order to look different from the normal, and it has grown into a product beloved by many adventure riders, free-style stunt riders, motocross riders and enthusiast, spreading locally and globally. As rider by heart, and also graphic designers by profession we have been involved with market creativity for many years. Along with our focus on motorcycles, we've been able to create a wide range of decal styling kits that meet the needs to individual identity.
Our product line includes, not only limited but a wide range of ready-to-go decal kits such as Adventure, Sport, Artistic, and Military that the customer can conjure up through our website to suit their bike's colors and style. It is important to note that we also offer the opportunity to create your own limitless color combinations, allowing the customer to express their individuality and creativity to their bike. All kits are handcrafted in-house using the best vinyl brands, 3M, HEXIS and AVERY DENISSION to detail is of the greatest priority. Having real experience with wear and tear, we use protective films that are easy to apply, non-scratch, UV resistant, and can protect all areas that are subjected to high stress etc. also, easy to replace when necessary.
While we aimed to change the cliché, we also wanted to ensure that our customers were satisfied with our responsiveness, care, assistance and ultimately, the end result both in application and quality, so we worked hard to create products that are simple to apply with the help of our instructional videos available on our website.
We are proud to have designed and sponsored custom kits for riders such as Ashish Raorane, Hrishikesh Mandke, Siddharth Karnik and many other well-known  riders who travel the world on their bikes as a way of life. So, if you're planning a trip around the world and want to create your own custom design, let us know because we're always interested.

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